Because every child and family is different, I offer a variety of packages to address your individual sleep concerns.

All packages provide you with the support you need to get the sleep you deserve!

Ask Me Anything Call $125

This is your chance to have any of your questions answered. We will talk via phone or Zoom for up to 45 minutes. We’ll discuss your goals and create a clear and concise action plan. A 15-minute follow-up call is also included to keep you on track!

Sleep Shaping Special $199

This mini-package provides you with access to our Newborn Sleep Shaping Guide and also includes two, private 45-minute consulting calls to be used within 3 months of booking.

Just the Plan $215

If you’re feeling like you could just use some direction, but would like to follow through on your own time, at your own pace- this option is suited for you.  

What's included:

Mini Sleep Plan
(One Week Package) $325

This express plan includes a tailored schedule for your child and detailed action steps towards achieving your sleep goals.  If you are ready to hit the ground running and feel confident in following through with a solid plan, this one’s for you!

What's included:

Preferred Sleep Plan
(Two Week Package) $499

This all-inclusive plan provides your family with everything you need to form healthy sleep habits. We will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your current sleep environment and routines. Then, you will receive a custom sleep plan with a suggested schedule and advice, methods, and strategies to implement in your home. This information is crafted for you, your parenting style, and your child.  

What's included:

In-Home Consultation & Plan
(Two Week Package) $699

This premium service package includes everything listed in the Preferred Sleep Package above and MORE!   When purchasing this package, you will also be entitled to two in-home consultations, up to 1.5 hours each.  Families must be located within 20 miles of Bridgewater, NJ.

What's included:

If your little one is waking up in the middle of the night, having trouble falling asleep independently, or you’re frustrated by your toddler's behavior before bed, you might benefit from sleep training. But you are not alone—I've been there, and I'm here to help!

Contrary to popular belief, sleep training for infants and children does not have to include "cry it out" methods. To help your baby fall asleep independently, I take a client-led approach, meaning you will take the lead in deciding which techniques are most comfortable for you. I'm here as a member of YOUR team, not the other way around. This is your journey—and there is absolutely NO JUDGEMENT!

Looking for some personalized support for your infant or toddler? Let's work together to develop a plan that works best for your family. After completing a brief sleep assessment, I'll offer you advice on the sleep training techniques that are most suitable for meeting your goals. Not a fan of "cry it out" methods? No problem! I will suggest a parent-present method to gently teach your baby the skill of independent sleep.

Sign up for a group coaching session with other moms, just like you, who are looking to establish healthy sleep habits for their families. Select the age-appropriate workshop and come learn evidence-backed practices that you can start using immediately. Each session also includes a Q&A session, so prepare those burning questions ahead of time!

  • Equip your child with the confidence to fall asleep independently and connect sleep cycles
  • Successfully navigate bedtime resistance in toddlers
  • Manage night wakings
  • Limit early morning wakings
  • Provide sleep conditioning for your newborn
  • Create a sleep schedule
  • Lengthen daytime naps
  • Sleep is necessary for physical growth and brain development
  • Healthy sleep improves mood, adaptability, creativity, and alertness
  • Babies who sleep more are energized, playful, sociable, and well-adjusted
  • A lack of sleep can elevate cortisol levels, which may lead to health problems including obesity, stress, and anxiety