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A loving mother. A caring teacher.
An effective sleep consultant.

Hi! I’m Diane, founder and owner of Little Sleep Solutions LLC. I am a mom of two toddlers, a special education teacher and also a certified pediatric sleep consultant. My journey with sleep consulting began when my daughter was just an infant. She had always been a great sleeper, sleeping through the night from two months on. However, once that first sleep regression hit, I found myself prowling through the internet in the wee hours of the night, just like every other desperate parent out there, trying to make my way off the struggle bus. Those hours of research helped me become more aware of better sleep habits, routines, and sleep products, and it worked for a while.

You struggle to get your child to sleep through the night. Frequent night wakings and short-lived naps prevent your family from getting the sleep you all need. If this describes your situation, I have good news: You don’t have to be this exhausted. You have the power to improve your circumstances! My training and expertise will give you the necessary knowledge to turn this situation around.

What I do

My Services

If you feel overwhelmed with your child’s daily sleep—or lack thereof—I am here for you! With my guidance, you’ll reach your personal goals, and we will overcome these common sleep struggles—together. You can expect noticeable progress in the following areas:

I offer a range of sleep support, from providing you with a DIY plan to step-by-step coaching through phone consults and daily texts. These plans are suitable for infants and toddlers from four months to five years old. If you’d like newborn support, please reach out to me.

Here's How I Can Help

Daytime Routines / Schedules

Great sleep begins with great routines. We’ll set up a personalized, flexible, age-appropriate schedule to fit your child’s sleep needs.


Various strategies can help your infant or toddler to fall asleep independently. Depending upon your parenting style, I’ll walk you through the most suitable method for you and your family.


If you rely on contact napping, we will work on gradually increasing your child’s confidence and independence. Let’s aim to lengthen the duration of those naps, too, so you both get the rest you need.


Sometimes all you need is a little encouragement to take the necessary steps to teach your child the skill of independent sleep. That’s where I come in. I’m here for you!

Kind Words

client Testimonials

Diane was knowledgeable, supportive, and easy to talk to! She helped to give us information and various options to try out with our baby. I like that she shared information but didn’t tell us there was only one way to do things. I also appreciated her encouragement and flexibility. 

Chelsea G.

Diane’s sleep consulting services for my almost 2 and a half year old was a game changer for my family and I.  I had never worked with a sleep trainer before and prior to Diane’s services I always co-slept with my son and he relied on me to fall asleep.  Because of the co-sleeping habits I was not confident my son would take to sleeping on his own, but I was pleasantly surprised by how well he took to it.  Diane took the time to understand my son’s current bed time routine and based on that came up with a slightly different routine that I believe played a key role in the success of the training.  She was also very accommodating to my concerns and reservations and came up with a plan that I felt comfortable with.  I would say after about two days my son was sleeping on his own with minimal to zero night wakings and even then he was putting himself back to sleep without any assistance from me.  I’m one to give up easily when it comes to routine, but the daily check-ins with Diane held me accountable to sticking to the plan and I know that’s why it worked – I truly don’t think I would have successfully accomplished this on my own.  I highly recommend Diane and her sleep consulting services – she is professional, friendly and very pleasant to work with! 

Danielle C.

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